Pre-Sales Appraisal

Know Before You Show...

The worst time to discover the residential appraisal value of your home is after you have accepted or made a purchase offer, or invested in the new dream kitchen. Smart sellers obtain a Pre-Sales Appraisal, similar to a mortgage appraisal, to ensure they list at a realistic and competitive price, while strengthening their negotiating position with potential and active buyers. Leveraging Appraisers in Michigan who live and work in your community will yield the best results. 

Further, banks and lenders approve buyers for financing based on the appraised value of the home. In Michigan, this is typically the top reason financing falls-through for would be home buyers. Don't waste weeks navigating the purchase process just to have it fall through upon appraisal.

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Our Mission

MHA delivers the most easy, accurate and quick home appraisal services throughout Michigan.

We've built Michigan's largest network of pre-screened state-licensed residential appraisers to ensure your home appraisal needs are met by an experienced and reputable expert who lives and works in your community.

Whether you are a Seller, Buyer, Lender or Real Estate Agent, our commitment is driven by your feedback and experiences.




Confidence is Key

Start with confidence. Contact us today for information on leveraging Michigan Home Appraisal services to become educated on the value of a property before you make decisions on next steps.